10 April 2019 News

IAQ Indoor Air Quality

IAQ Indoor Air Quality

Did you know? The air you breathe is not as clean as you think.

Find out how to improve indoor air quality.

Discover it now: http://www.rhoss.com/it/download/depliant-altro-126

Watch the video now: https://youtu.be/hwFqCKcaX_Q

17 May 2019 News

Air cooled Multipurpose units, with exclusive inverter (1+i) scroll technology. Discover it now: http://www.rhoss.com/products/applied-systems-en/appl...

09 May 2019 News

We installed n'2 chillers WinPack SE to manage comfort inside the best prestigious shopping center in Latina. Reference link: http://www.rhoss.com/ref...

03 May 2019 News

Rhoss and Klima-Therm are one of the finalists at H&V Awards in the "Air Movement Product of the Year". ADV Next Air Hnadling Unit was one of the star...