04 April 2016 News

Rhoss Style

Rhoss Style

A coordinated image reinforces the identity and sense of belonging.
In the evolutionary path of Rhoss we believe is essential to give signals that help to perceive and appreciate the future changes.
In the coming weeks we will be updated documents, business presentations and the various communication tools, following the guidelines of the new look Rhoss graphics.

09 September 2019 News

When you go to the hotel, comfort is the king. Discover which units we were supplied for Hilton Hotel, one of the largest hotel chains in the World. h...

30 August 2019 News

A french company, specialized on production of electronic components for healthcare sector, chose Rhoss to suppling an EASYPACK THAETY 2112. Water chi...

09 August 2019 Events

Offices will be closed from 12 to 23 August. Service office will already open on 19 August. We’ll be back with great news!