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17 Mai 2019 News


Air cooled Multipurpose units, with exclusive inverter (1+i) scroll technology. Discover it now: http://www.rhoss.com/products/applied-systems-en/applied-systems/exp-multi-purpose-systems/-/easypack-i-exp-894 Watch now the video: https://yo...

09 Mai 2019 News

Latina Shopping Center

We installed n'2 chillers WinPack SE to manage comfort inside the best prestigious shopping center in Latina. Reference link: http://www.rhoss.com/referenze-4/dettaglio-referenza/latina-shopping-center-134

03 Mai 2019 News

RHOSS on H&V Awards

Rhoss and Klima-Therm are one of the finalists at H&V Awards in the "Air Movement Product of the Year". ADV Next Air Hnadling Unit was one of the star of the competition! http://www.rhoss.com/products/air-handling-systems-m/air-handling-sys...