Aktuelle Nachrichten aus der Welt Rhoss

12 September 2018 Events

Our children, our future

Friday was the last appointment with our children. Four dates with "Rhoss Summer Day" to give the opportunity to our young guests to know and discover the place where their parents work. The result was amazing... See you next year, boys!

05 September 2018 News

Rhoss machine, higher and higher

During these months we are operating in Frankfurt. We are installing EXP system units and two water to water units with screw inverter compressor for an important directional center. Stay tuned to keep update with this project.

29 August 2018 Events

Thank you for participating

Great success for our technical meetings in Bari and Lecce. Thank you again to all guests who participated at meeting.


Rhoss Umwelt


  • aktuelle Ausgabe 90,00 kW
  • erzeugte Energie 1.907.640,00 kWh
  • CO2-Emissionen vermieden 1.012,96 t