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Solutions studies to guarantee perfect comfort and complete control of the purity of air.

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The climate of DHW systems is essential for treatment success. In an operating theatre, hospital wards, and laboratories, air must be pure, at the desired temperature, and distribution must not spread pathogens or even dust and dirt. There is always a strong demand for DHW, which is duly treated to prevent Legionnaires' disease. Both hot and cold are often requested simultaneously. Reliability and low energy consumption are conditions required in order to guarantee continuous operation throughout the year with contained costs. Hospital applications offered by Rhoss meet the requirements to guarantee a high level of hygiene and top quality air, drastically limiting toxic phenomena such as air currents or dust due to convective currents. IR TECH radiant systems are perfectly suited for hospital wards. They do not create air currents since heat exchange is carried out by means of a radiant concept. They do not have parts where pathogens can proliferate, therefore, they do not need laborious cleaning operations. They also guarantee perfect, constant comfort, which is very important for the wellbeing of patients. The wide range of air handling units are able to guarantee total hygiene and easy sanitisation as a result of products and accessories specifically designed for these requirements. Rhoss high-efficiency cooling units with inbuilt heat recovery systems are ideal products to manage the climate in all the building's sections. EXP polyvalent units are able to produce both heating and cooling energy by freely recovering it from each other. This guarantees extremely high performance and very low consumption.

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