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Products and systems for climate management and thermal flow of production processes.

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Industrial processes differ largely from one another and it is difficult to define them. There are a few common requirements: reliability and energy saving are required in order to guarantee continuity and low production costs. In most cases, opposing thermal flows are required: cooling some and heating others. It is essential to operate with integrated heat recovery systems supported by regulation and management systems that can adapt to the sudden load changes, which is typical with production processes. Production line machinery often requires cooling with water at a temperature between 15 - 20 °C in all conditions. Taking advantage of free-cooling systems at least in some seasons of the year becomes essential in order to contain energy consumption. RHOSS proposes cutting edge products for the industry. In the case of opposite thermal loads, EXP polyvalent cooling units can be used, which are able to produce both thermal or cooling energy by freely recovering it from the opposing one. With autonomous water-cooled machinery at average temperature in every season, cooling units with inbuilt indirect free-cooling can be used. These cooling units use special air-water exchangers when outdoor air temperature is colder than the water required for production process cooling. The water passes through these heat exchangers where outdoor air is freely cooled, thus reducing energy consumption required for cooling. Coupled with these innovative products, RHOSS offers reliable, high-energy efficiency traditional cooling units. Extremely competent after-sales technical assistance services are widely distributed over the territory, which promptly solve all interventions. Large surfaces also mean the option to use radiant cooling systems. IR TECH is used for this, which, with is ceiling and floor systems, reduces energy consumption and guarantees perfect comfort, also with industrial applications.

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