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Products and systems for small offices and large open-space surfaces, with high energy saving.

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Rhoss dedicates a large part of its offer to the construction service industry. Entire product ranges studied to guarantee complete comfort to the work environment. Comfort, which is guaranteed by the best operating productivity and performance, has already been proven.  An office can be built anywhere, in an ultramodern building as well as a historical building that is rich in architectural prestige, stuccoes, frescoes, floors and ceilings. They all require high climate performance with very different needs. Each occupant has his own requirements and is thus essential to enable de-localised control of the climate, making each individual area autonomous. Rhoss solutions are targeted to improve energy efficiency, environmental comfort, and air handling processes. For this reason, Rhoss products and systems dedicated to the construction service industry are in all Rhoss catalogues: Applied Systems: Chillers, Heat Pumps, Fan Coils, and Terminal Units for small and large systems. Heat pumps: Specific heat pumps and heating, cooling and domestic hot water production solutions for small service industry applications. Air handling: Air handling units for residential, commercial and industrial uses. Dehumidifiers for indoor pools. Irtech Radiant: Radiant cooling systems that integrate floor, wall and ceiling terminals with chillers/heat pumps, air handling units and regulation systems; solutions for residential and retail installations and large buildings.

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