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Extremely large spaces, extensive surface areas, high thermal loads linked to lighting throughout the year: these are the main features of shopping centres. The systems must be simple and reliable, and guarantee satisfactory energy savings, even with limited return on investment times. When shopping centres are crowded, the area must be cooled throughout the year, since heat generated by the lights and the presence of people is higher than that dispersed out of the building. To limit energy costs and deriving environmental pollution, is it essential to use cooling systems like free-cooling, which input low-temperature outdoor air directly into the area. RHOSS air handling units are the perfect solution since they include high-efficiency heat-recovery units and innovative free-cooling exploitation systems that guarantee maximum possible energy savings. RHOSS cooling units guarantee low consumption as a result of being one of the highest energy-efficient systems in their category. A supervision and proprietary adjustment system (*Building Management System), which is specifically designed according to the features of Rhoss products, is always able to optimise the cooling system functions to ensure high energy performance in every situation.

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