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24 mai 2018 News


At two service stations, in a section of high-traffic auropean highway, n°2 Air Handling Systems have been installed. Here the reference details:

17 mai 2018 News

Zan Mitrev Clinic

A highly specialized private clinic, founded by Zan Mitrev, after studies and early career in Germany, around 2000 in the heart of Skopje in Macedonia, among the best in Europe (and world) for the treatment of cardiovascular diseases. It ha...

09 mai 2018 News

WinPACK-R A concentrate of technology

WinPACK-R is environmental friendly, competitive and full of options. Discover now our new products: WINPACK-R HE-A


Rhoss Environnement

production photovoltaïque

  • sortie courant 51,00 kW
  • L'énergie produite 1.667.166,00 kWh
  • Les émissions de CO2 évitées 885,27 t