07 November 2016 News


With the November kicked off a series of training meetings to sales network, through which we will try to increase the daily effectiveness in implemen...

31 October 2016 News

London Efficiency Seminars

Great interest to Londoners seminars organized by Rhoss, together with the distributor (Klima Therm). Parent topic the study that generated the "Energ...

26 October 2016 News

London Seminars

Rhoss, together with the distributor (Klima Therm), is organizing two seminars in London. Main argument the study that generated the "Energy Efficienc...

24 October 2016 News


Great success was achieved by the intervention of Michele Vio, RHOSS consultant at the AICARR 34th Congress of Bologna, which took place at SAIE Build...

17 October 2016 News


The 34th AiCARR Conference of Bologna, which will take place at SAIE Building & Construction October 20, 2016, this year will also address the most cu...

10 October 2016 News


Prominent references University Federico II of Naples, who sees the installation of a high efficiency YPOWER HE-A heat pump and countless air handling...

03 October 2016 News


On 6 and 7 October will be held the training event Rhoss Learning, in the new training room. Main theme of the event: the influence of design choices...

26 September 2016 News

C.A.T. Training

The RHOSS training session for C.A.T. (Authorized Technical Assistance Centres) is about to start. Starting from September 2016 it will continue in th...

19 September 2016 News


Thursday, September 22, 2016 will be held a major seminar in Sant'Ambrogio di Valpolicella. During the meeting will be presented the outcome of the ma...

12 September 2016 News

School's Excellencies 2016

Thursday, September 8 was held in Rhoss the awarding of the "School's Excellencies 2016". Rhoss supports the study, the effort and goodwill of our emp...

05 September 2016 News

Fadiesis Accordion Festival

International accordion festival in Matera, 14-15-16 October 2016 The climate that makes culture. LINK: http://www.fadiesis.org/fadiesis-accordion-fes...

29 August 2016 News

Welcome back.

We are back and we have lots of news for you. Stay tuned!

05 August 2016 News

Happy Summer

Rhoss takes a short summer break. Let's go back to September full of news.

01 August 2016 News


Installation of 11 CTA ADV Custom (for a total of 250,000 m3 / h of treated air) for the pharmaceutical sector. Here you can read the complete install...

25 July 2016 News

Energy efficency guide

"We do not inherit the Earth from our ancestors; we borrow it from our children. Our duty is to give it back" This famous proverb fully expresses the...

18 July 2016 News

The Mall, Jumeirah

Installation of Z-Power on The Mall, Dubai. The Mall is the newest gem in Jumeirah, located across the Jumeirah Beach Hotel, Burj Al Arab and the Wild...

11 July 2016 News

Energy efficency

Have you seen the interesting building energy performance simulation in partnership with the Energy Department of POLITECNICO di TORINO? If you have l...

04 July 2016 News

Platinum Tower

Installation of CTA Advance on Platinum Tower, Dubai. The CTA ADV range derivces from decades of Rhoss experience in the field of air handling. Here y...

27 June 2016 News

United Kingdom

Stevenage Bioscience Catalyst is the UK's first open innovation biomedical catalyst. Rhoss provides for cooling and heating of buildings and sanitary...

20 June 2016 News


We are proud to present the first installation of Next Air in Switzerland. ADV Next Air range arises from new Rhoss vision of air treatment. The stren...

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