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13 February 2019 Events

"The human dimension of building energy performance"

Take part to the event (21 February 2019 - Venice) and discover the results of our indoor air quality research. Click here

23 January 2019 News


At a shopping mall in Berlin you can find a good taste of the complete Rhoss catalogue. Air cooled units from EasyPack, WinPack and WinPower product ranges and water cooled units from Z-Flow range.

16 January 2019 News

More than 3 MW !!

Massive installation of Rhoss free-cooling chillers for industrial application in Sachsen-Anhalt, in the heart of Germany. Five screw compressors units in total, for more than 3MW total cooling capacity.


Rhoss Environment

PV production

  • current output 72,00 kW
  • energy produced 1.964.430,00 kWh
  • CO2 emissions avoided 1.043,11 t