20 Mai 2021 News



A further certification in terms of satisfying the most stringent hygiene requirements has been renewed.

The innovative ADV Custom Hygienic air handling units have been awarded the Hygiene compliance certificate for Air Handling Units by TÜV NORD according to standards DIN 1946-4:2018 e VDI 6022-1:2018, that defines the minimum hygiene requirements for HVAC systems, ventilation and air handling units for design, manufacture, operation, management and maintenance aspects.
It therefore also defines the hygiene requirements of Air handling units regarding: usable materials, components, manufacturing, mechanical features, accessibility and serviceability, in accordance with the highest technical standards.

VDI is a German association of engineers (Verein Deutscher Ingenieure) that deals with hygiene in HVAC systems with the aim of preventing negative effects on indoor air.

The range of ADV Custom Hygienic air handling units is designed according to high engineering standards and is ideal for applications where cleanliness and hygiene requirements are mandatory.

By complying with these requirements the AHU ADV Custom Hygienic units provide an excellent solution for designers, installers, maintenance technicians and end users.

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