03 août 2021 News

FullPOWER EVO: Efficiency in continuous evolution  

FullPOWER EVO: Efficiency in continuous evolution   

Rhoss presents FullPOWER EVO, three new air-cooled water chillers ranges with screw compressors and R513A (or alternatively R134a) refrigerant gas.
Efficient and eco-sustainable solutions optimised for different types of low-GWP refrigerant that cover a cooling capacity from 340 to 1560 kW.

A complete offer in 3 keywords: Efficiency, Flexibility and a winning combination of technologies.

FullPOWER EVO VFD - the new range of chillers with inverter driven screw compressors with variable Vi (TCAITZ-TCAIQZ 2565÷21495) characterised by high seasonal efficiency combined with maximum modulation and minimum mechanical and electrical stress.

FullPOWER EVO VFD (1+i) - New chillers with one stepless screw compressor and one variable Vi with Inverter regulation (TCAITZ-TCAIQZ 2560÷21500).
A combination of technologies that guarantees maximum seasonal efficiency with perfect load modulation, completed by a wide range of accessories and options.

FullPOWER EVO - the new range of chillers with stepless screw compressors (TCAVBZ 2335÷21505, TCAVTZ-TCAVQZ 2345÷21565) is the ideal solution characterised also by a more compact version (B) for a diversified offer, with extended operating limits for every climatic conditions .

Solutions available in different configurations to meet efficiency, reduced footprint and low noise impact requirements.
Inverter technology to adapt efficiently and effectively to load variations and improve energy savings.

The main features that characterise the new ranges concern:
• the introduction of new sizes and models up to 1.5 MW;
• the components optimisation with an increase in chiller performance and SEER seasonal efficiency;
• an optimised design with R513A gas, low GWP and A1 category, in addition to R134a gas, which remains a valid alternative in the FullPOWER EVO range;
• a wide range of accessories for turnkey installations.

FullPOWER EVO: Efficiency in continuous evolution!

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