08 February 2018 News

Rhoss proposal for IAQ

Rhoss proposal for IAQ

Rhoss Spa  launch a new way to treat the air in confined spaces that we breathe every day through the new systems for olfactometric conditioning and the “Air’Suite® filter” range, that is the line of filters applicable to the world of ventilation and air conditioning.

A new concept of biocidal filtration that allows for the removal of microbiological contamination without requiring the installation of additional solutions or modification of existing systems.

02 October 2020 News

The latest addition to the Rhoss range is EasyPACK ECO : Water chillers and packaged reversible air-cooled heat pumps from 70 to 150 kW with the lates...

24 September 2020 Events

"A virtual meeting, a real partnership!" On September 23rd was held the Export Webinar Meeting 2020 : an event that was a great success among the part...

01 September 2020 News

New distribution agreement signed between Rhoss and AQ Cooling BV to improve and strengthen the presence of our products in the Netherlands. Rhoss,in...