System Touch Manager & Web APP

Touch interface with Web APP for remote control and monitoring:


Product benefits

  • The entire system at your fingertips
  • Simple and effective interface
  • Energy saving functions
  • Remote control via WEB

System Touch Manager offers a simple and effective interface to control and program the conditions of the individual rooms of a building, manage the main system components and the room terminals from a single point. The system offers a series of energy saving functions for the management of generators, the production of domestic hot water, the distribution network and the terminal units such as management with time bands that allows 10 summer/winter bands to be programmed at 2 temperature levels. It is also possible to manage via the local network and remote monitoring via the web.

The solution

Solution for residential applications, small and medium services and retail:
• Villas – residences
• Hotels – restaurants – B&B
• Offices – professional offices
• Medical offices – clinics
• Shops – gyms – multi-purpose centres